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Coaches & Trainers

Coaches and trainers can use our technology and provide the most advanced ecosystem for change to their athletes, clients and fans. We started by Re-defining community technology, and Re-imagining the network; allowing users to interact, create exciting content, and display it, in a completely new and elegantly organized way. 

Power up with VRS. Our Value Reinforcement System technology leaps Beyond Gamification* *by combining science and special algorithms that shape and reinforce behaviors with actions and values most relevant to your community. Experience record breaking retention and user engagement that's been featured by Apple News, Research Gate published whitepapers & by college professors. 

The gamified experience rewards users with achievement badges and virtual currency just by spending time inside of the community. They instantly have a place to showcase behaviors and inspire others to level up in their own time. Live leaderboards show todays most engaged users, featured members of the day while podiums track all the behaviors you want to highlight. 

We provide you with a customized native iOS and android app along with a limited mobile website, all built on top of a multi-million dollar back-end. Our system is safe, secure and scalable and enables you to update all 3 platforms with a click of a button. Users worldwide Instantly see real-time updates directly in their community.

Our personalization technology allows users to choose only what they’re interested in. And our advanced algorithms let you show content thats specifically Curated for them. 

Users can make new friendships, send direct messages and even discover other people, places and groups with similar interests by using our powerful Near Me, GPS enabled feature. 

Our technology captures the most important demographic and psychographic profile of your athletes and clients, helping you build your own valuable database to chat based off behaviors and leap beyond all email delivery and open rates with a no-cost global solution. 

Our advanced Learning Management System is a Netflix style on demand system with built in rewards and loyalty programs and the ability to charge or lock users out based on memberships or VIP status. 

Your audience will love that all your content, brand partners and merchandise is automatically pulled into one easy-to-use and official place that will organically grow sales. We made it simple for you or your brand partners to engage your audience 24/7 with exclusive videos, live streaming, paid chat, audio messages and exclusive challenges, right from your phone or web.

With our E-wallet subscription technology, you can finally monetize your premium content and give your most loyal fans and followers the exclusive experience they desire. 

Our event management and scheduling technology helps you offer additional training and coaching and handles bookings and payments from start to finish.

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