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How It Works

All the features you need, and more.

Analytics and Reporting

1. Analytics Dashboards - Summarize and provide accurate snapshots of your community so you can take action to optimize sales

2. Stacked Activity Cards

3. Recognition Widget

Content Management

1. Multi-media Channels

2. Gamified E-learning

3. Smart Tagging - Save you time in how you communicate to your community specifically and directly

4. Tag Based Content

5. Groups & Subgroups


Real-time Chat & Broadcast Messaging

1. Chat - direct contact with users within your app. Keep all things relevant to that topic here.

2. Smart Broadcast

3. Notification Center - Reach your community with notifications that bring them right back into your app. Skipping all email open rates


1. Habit Tracking

2. Behavioral User Profiles

3. Live Leaderboards 

4. Recognition Walls

5. Achievement Badges

6. Voting Widget

7. Contests & Challenges


Management & Like-mindedness

1. Event Management

2. Booking & Scheduling System

3. Near Me feature

Sharing & Integrations

1. Facebook Sign-in - make it very easy to get into your community and growing a larger community leads to more customers

2. SMS & Apple Sign-in

3. Virality & Sharing Feature - Easily share content from your community into social media to highlight and encourage them to join



1. In-app Purchases - Save your users time and give them added convenience which leads to higher sales for you

2. E-wallet

3. Ad CMS Engine - A place to highlight sponsors and advertisers like you never could before. Add a revenue stream you previously did not have access to

4. Live Streaming

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