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Ambassadors: Jeremy Wong

Meet the 5 time World Champion himself…  Mr. Jeremy Wong!

Jeremy is a champion dancer, entrepreneur and all around genuine human being. Skylab Apps is proud to affiliate with such a high performing human!


Growing up, Jeremy trained competitively as a gymnast starting at the age of 7. He continued seriously with his gymnastics career and became a 5-time state champion and a member of the Canadian National team from 1998-2002. In 2002, Jeremy sustained a serious back injury that would force him to retire from the sport. He remained inactive for almost a year while attending Business School at Simon Fraser University (SFU) where he obtained his BBA.

“The Skylab platform is like nothing I’ve ever seen before. As a person with an entrepreneurship background who has worked with multiple different industries, this platform is so powerful that it is able to cater specifically to almost any industry with just a little customization. As apps and mobile solutions become increasingly more important, Skylab Apps has positioned itself for success for many years to come.”-Jeremy Wong


It was at Simon Fraser University (SFU) that Jeremy began his cheerleading career. He would excel in this sport with his gymnastics background and after years of earning national level accolades, he would become a 5-time world champion with Team Canada at both an athlete and coaching level. With multiple national and world titles amongst his achievements, Jeremy is known as one of the most decorated Canadians in Cheerleading history. By the way, Skylab has developed a Cheerleading app



It was at this time that Jeremy’s acting became internationally recognized for playing the role of Darwin on the Warner Bros hit TV show, Hellcats. He has been featured in American Cheerleader magazine, multiple print, and online articles and most notably on the cover of Twist Magazine.

Through his business successes, Jeremy has been invited to speak internationally in many different countries including Australia, Mexico, Norway, Hong Kong, England and across Canada and the United States.

When our CEO Dean Grey came into contact with Jeremy, he instantly made the connection. Taking the dance world to new heights by giving the industry a platform to transcend rules, boundaries and allow the best of the best to share with each other in a seamless way! The Dance App can be found in the Google Play and Apple App Store. The Dance App itself is a NewCo incubator company of Skylab Apps. 


In the article below, Jeremy dishes on fame, fitness and the hardest thing about acting.

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