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Ambassadors: Mark Anthony

Meet Mr. Charismatic himself… 

Mark Anthony Bates

Mark Anthony has coached and consulted some of the largest companies, such as Delta Airlines, MGM/Mirage Resorts, and McGraw-Hill Publishing Training Systems Division.

He is now consulting in the personal development space and working with organizations like Kiyosaki, Branson, Robbins, and U.S. Presidents.

Mark Anthony Bates is probably the best-connected man you’ve never heard of; he travels the globe speaking with elite coaching clients, diplomatic organizations, and world leaders, that’s why I call him the international man of mystery!

You won’t find him on social media or on his own web site; he doesn’t promote himself yet his name carries tremendous weight in highly influential circles. So how did he come to be who he is and what was he like growing up?

Mark says as a child he was a serious troublemaker, and not a class-clown type but a break-the-law type troublemaker. He was expelled from the 8th grade, the only reason they passed him on to high school was that they couldn’t put up his antics any longer. His freshman year of high school he had all Ds, Fs, and Incompletes. Mark wasn’t dumb; he was bored because he learned differently than he was being taught. And he was incredibly curious.

But that curiosity led to more trouble. By 16 he was forcibly removed from high school by the police and was sent to a continuation school. Within three weeks he was kicked out of that school and eventually ended up at an honor camp. An honor camp is a step beyond juvenile hall, but a step before prison. It’s not a good place to be. His parole officer there gave him a book called I’m Okay; You’re Okay which shifted Mark’s verbal and emotional communication. He began to change and was eventually released from the camp.

Listen to one of his podcast here

Mark Anthony Bates gives a great speaking lesson here: 


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