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Anchoring a Decision : 9 Environments

Anchoring a Decision and The 9 Environments

Skylab CEO, Dean Grey knows all about anchoring a decision. From his humble upbringing living off the grid on a boat in the Florida Keys to traveling around the world tasked with teaching and mentoring tens of thousands of people; Dean genuinely understands how to make that monumental change.

It wasn’t long ago when the idea of the Skylab Apps platform would be simply a figment of Dean’s Imagination. He had a big dream, and grand vision, but so do thousands of people every day. The difference is that when Dean decided to step into a new role and start Skylab Apps, he dropped the anchor, put his head down and got to work. A couple of years later, the vision has become a reality. Ultimately, it was a culmination of Dean’s 9 environments that led him and Skylab to success.

“Individuals learn better when they are learning in engaging social environments.”Dean Grey

Understanding the 9 Environments and how they work in your daily life will give you a clear understanding of how each element plays an incredibly important role in your life short and long term.

The Physical Environment: Skylab HQ

The physical environment includes the very tangible aspects of our lives…our home, office, car, furnishings, artwork, toys, boats, and accessories. The physical environment provides visual clues to what is going on in our lives. Clutter, noise and broken equipment can be visual clues to looking deeper to discover our

The Skylab Apps corporate office is a collaborative and creative working loft. Everything from the music, office space and food is hand selected to make sure you have the best experience to help you thrive in the workplace. We have a gym onsite so you can take care of your body and give your mind a mental break.


The Spiritual Environment

The spiritual environment includes our connections to a higher power, to God or Spirit, the invisible connection we feel to others and the universe. It includes methods of connecting to spiritual aspects of life such as meditation, prayer, and places of worship. We wanted to make sure that our workplace was situated in a beautiful place. Lucky for us, we are right next to the ocean with lots of quiet places where you can go and get spiritual.


The Memetic Environment

The memetic environment includes ideas, values, thoughts, beliefs, paradigms, styles and habits that are passed down from generation to generation. The memetic environment also contains information and knowledge (books, websites, magazines, television, and radio).


The Body Environment

The body environment includes the body, hair, skin, nails, health, and energy. This environment touches the network environment, as it includes physicians, skin care consultants, massage therapists, hair dressers, physical therapists, dietitians, personal trainers and other professionals who support your physical body and well-being.

We understand that if you want top performance out of your body, then you have to treat your body well!


The Self Environment

The self-environment includes our strengths, talents, personalities, feelings, emotions, values, passions and skills. The self-environment includes the intangible aspects of our beings.


The Nature Environment

The natural environment includes nature, parks, bodies of water, the seasons of the year, pets, plants, the seasons of life, and the outdoors. As humans, we are a part of nature, so access to this environment is crucial for our survival and ultimate well-being. A great thing about where we work is that it’s open, inviting and blends well with the elements.


The Relationship Environment

The relationship environment includes those people in our lives who are closest to us and with whom we have an intimate connection. This includes family, close friends, close colleagues, co-workers, mentors and neighbors who are in our lives on a daily basis. It has been said that a team that plays well together works well together. Our professional life is personal, so we make sure to take the time to develop relationships with our co-workers and clients in and outside of the office.


The Network Environment

The network environment is an extension of the relationship environment. It includes people with whom you are on a first name basis, yet you may not have a deep and intimate connection. The network environment includes business associates, community organizations, support groups you belong to. The goal of the network environment is usually to provide an exchange of information and to build bridges to people who can support you in enhancing both your business and personal life.


The Financial Environment

The financial environment includes bills, credit cards, money, investments, insurance, stocks and bonds and the people who support your financial well-being (accountants, financial planners, stock brokers). This environment also includes any tools or support services you use to achieve your financial goals, files, computer programs, budgets, banks. When exploring the financial environment, it is also important to look closely at the relationship a person has with money and their beliefs around money and prosperity/abundance.

“​It is important to take stock of these environmental factors and make sure that they come together to work for our benefit and maximize our productivity towards our individual goals.”Dean Grey

All of the work being done at Skylab Apps is with the environments in mind. When a client is met, they go through a process called ADG, which stands for Appify, Gamify, and Design. Skylab doesn’t just build mobile apps, they create worlds for their clients! Each one of these worlds combines the essence of the client’s culture, and ultimately the 9 elements can be seen throughout the flawless design of the native mobile platform.

The Trilogy Game, Makes creating healthy habits fun and encourages users to create healthy environments. The concept was created by Greg Rex, a certified Health Coach, speaker, author, and entrepreneur. His website:

For more information about Skylab Apps, or to see how to amplify your world, please get in touch with us at

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