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App Features: Gamified E-Learning System

 Gamified E-Learning System

Skylab provides the most gamified platform in the world and that’s why we come with the best features.

Spoiler alert: you’re experiencing one of our short, multimedia episodes right now!

Gamified E-Learning System

Short multimedia episodes. A  Huge increase in comprehension.

“Social learning is the phenomenon that individuals learn better when they are learning in engaging social environments.”Dean Grey

One of Gamification’s most promising applications is in education and training. While community leaders can incentivize followers to perform simple behaviors immediately, complex tasks require extended training and education.

Community leaders face the problem of trying to communicate to large groups of followers online, while simultaneously keeping them as motivated as they would be in person.

Using game design elements such as point scoring and competitions between other users makes these types of platforms used for both business and customers. Dean Grey’s company, Skylab Apps, creates these gamified social learning platforms as a means for businesses to connect with their customers in new and exciting ways.

Community influencers can Gamify training by rewarding users with a scoring system and by withholding advanced lesson plans until users complete their preceding lessons. Users build up a score to unlock new content and to compete with friends on leaderboards for social recognition. These external rewards, in addition to the training’s intrinsic value, motivate users to continue training when influencers cannot motivate them directly.

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Skylab’s platform also allows community leaders to price their content. Content producers can give away content for free or make it available for purchase (In-app Purchasing).

Administrators can quickly update lessons by adding text, pictures, videos, files, and interactive features to their lesson plans from a mobile device or computer.

Gamified E-learning System, although not a new concept, has found a revitalization effort in the business community. In short, social learning is the phenomenon that individuals learn better when they are learning in engaging social environments. These environments are crucial because they give the individual the opportunity for direct and real time social interacts that act as rewards and reinforce whatever is being learned. For example, communities of individuals unconsciously take advantage of social media applications such as Facebook and Twitter to disseminate information. They are able to comment and reply to other’s comments, which helps to spread, solidify, and clarify.  

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