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App Features: Habit-Forming Action Tracking

Habit-Forming Action Tracking

Track & Train your users in a way that is so habit-forming, using your app becomes a part of their daily routine.

Skylab provides the most gamified platform in the world, and that’s why we come with the best features.

One of Skylab’s Clients: MindMovies

You are probably familiar by now with the fact that we take stock of any and all actions users are taking in the app – AKA their performance. We do this so we can reward them, learn from them, and encourage them.

The hub for action-tracking is a powerful little feature known as the Actions Dashboard. This fully customizable block of buttons with a fun background is the first thing users will see on the homepage of the app. This can usually be found at the top of the menu in what we call “The action dashboard.”

Here at Skylab Apps, we understand the users taking actions within the app and their community is the focal point of building reciprocity within any community. We wanted to give our clients a platform to bring their community together and then foster an environment where habit forming for the good of the community was not only a turning point to the success of the group but is part of the secret sauce in getting users to come back to the platform continuously. 

I would speak to tens of thousands of people who came to my coaching event, but when I gave them something to do, there was no way for me to track and hold them accountable for taking the actions. This is one of the reasons I wanted to build a habit-forming gamification platform with Skylab Apps. It would not only give me a way to track people, but the chances of the community actually following through was exponential once they understood someone was watching and was going to hold them accountable. Dean Grey: Skylab Apps CEO

Consider what actions/behaviors are the cornerstone of your brand, or are connected to the growth of your business. These actions can be grouped. For example, you could have personal as well as business actions, or body, mind, and financial actions. Or simply, just all of the relevant actions of your brand/business, in just one group.

The topic of Gamification is a new system of generating these rewards in order to create new habits in our daily lives, generate business, or make us happier with rewards such as point scoring, competition among users, and progress tracking. Whether you are looking to use it in your personal or professional life, Gamification platforms are backed by scientific studies and designed to generally make life changes easier to accomplish.

Here are a couple more screenshots of actions being taken within the Skylab Apps Platform. 


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