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App Features: Notification Packages

Notifications Package

Skylab offers the most gamified platform in the world, and that’s why we come with the best features.

Skylab provides the full suite: outside the app, inside the app, and a master control center

Notifications are the primary way users get information about activity in their apps.

Each type of notification serves a specific purpose:

1. Outside of the App Push Notifications

These notifications show up on the user’s phone lock screen & notification center. They bring the user into the app. These notifications land safely in your phone’s notification center for later reference.

2. Inside the App Dropdown Notifications

These notifications engage the user when they are already inside the app. If they receive a message, they can reply and maintain a conversation without leaving the content they are currently viewing.

3. Notification Center:

This is a screen that aggregates all the notifications the user has received. It categorizes these notifications so that priority is given to notifications the user has yet to view, but notifications the user has already tapped on, are not lost.

The Skylab platform takes full advantage of each type of these notifications. The platform is already designed to deliver different types of notifications, depending on the noteworthy item. From new content to new contacts, Skylab’s platform is fully automated to keep users engaged.

This handy automation does not mean, however, that community leaders can’t schedule their own notifications as well. The Notification Scheduler is the instant Snapchat-style update blast of a brand leader’s dreams. Type your message and select if you’d like to send it to all of your users or just a specific group, then just hit “Send Now!” or schedule it for later. Not only that, but you can add links that will send your users to a specific place inside the app when they tap on the notification.

Thanks to Skylab’s awesome Development Team, these notifications are working efficiently with a great design!


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