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App Features: Virality


Skylab provides the most gamified platform in the world, and that’s why we come with the best features.

Track how your users are sharing the app, and what happens next. Our app is ready-made to provide community leaders with stats like:

In a world bombarded with new content and apps being thrown at you from every direction, Skylab Apps has relied on empirical evidence and split testing analytics to ensure virality within our platform. Did you know that 95% of apps that hit the app store are downloaded used once and then abandoned? We were going to stop at nothing to make sure that our platform is never going to end up in the app graveyard with the thousands of others that were not able to hold on to their users. To do this, we are going to need to do something incredible, yet simple: Make a platform that evokes a need to come back compulsively time and time again, and we have done just that.

For app makers, they use the 3 KPI’s to begin to understand the success or failure of their app.

  1. # of times your app has been shared

  2. # of app sign ups

  3. # of app downloads

“Going viral is a story about the dynamics of attention.” G.R Boynton, Professor

This data is the key to increase company valuation and a better user experience.

Here are some of the reasons why we share what we share:

Collective Behavior– We share an idea because ‘we like it.’ Individuals can act on influences or without them.

Share and Care– It stems from the human’s nature of being empathetic. A Pew research studies people who use social media are more trusting than those who don’t.

Emotions–  Any emotion that fires us up–humor, awe, and excitement, but also anger and anxiety–drives us to share. Skylab in their blog post, put positive feelings, emotional complexities and an element of surprise as the catalyst behind the viral content. According to another research, joy travels faster than sadness or disgust, but not speedier than rage.

Here, you can see that this user shared the app 15 times. The result has been 6 sign ups (new users) and 8 ripples.

We track the virality of individual users. Each user’s profile boasts how many times they have shared the app, how many users signed up as a result, and this user’s impact.

Impact – in addition to the users who signed up as a direct result of this user, how many users have been brought into the app beyond that thanks to the secondary users?

This gives users a feeling of direct or indirect accomplishment for growing their community and receiving credit.

Another step toward virality is to reward your users for helping your app go viral:

App sharing contests reward users who are the best at sharing your app, driving sign ups, and growing your community.

Sponsors affiliated with Skylab may sponsor individual contests and provide prizes, but individual communities are encouraged to involve their own sponsors as well.

There are two types of Virality Contests:

  1. Top – Be one of the top X users to achieve the most shares, sign ups, or impact in a certain time frame.

2. Blitz – Be one of the first X users to hit a certain goal of shares, sign ups or impact (ripple effect).


Participants can track their place in the contest via the leaderboard within.


Winners will receive badges with promo codes to be redeemed for the prizes you offer.


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