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Skylab Ambassador: Greg Rex

Meet Mr. Lifestyle Entrepreneur… Greg Rex

Certified Health Coach, Speaker, Author and Lifestyle Entrepreneur

In 2002 Greg partnered with Dr. Wayne Andersen and Whitney Kell as they set out to transform the Health of America. Starting with his own health and after losing 50 lbs in 10 weeks Greg went on to help build the coaching model, training, and culture of Taking Shape For Life one of the largest coaching companies in America. Since then he’s trained over 12,000 Health Professionals & Health Coaches, helping over 150,000 people create optimal health while generating over $35,000,000 per year. TSFL has been named one of the fastest growing companies in America by Fortune and Forbes and Most Trusted Companies in America by Forbes in 2016.

The first half of his 27-year career, Greg has had a roller-coaster ride of successes and failures. Finding his talent as a speaker, trainer, and coach, Greg went on to build 10 different companies from 5 to 500 people and has been involved in all facets of business from start up, IPO, mergers… always pioneering new business categories where educational sales were required.

Greg has always been passionate about health and fitness, especially surfing and snowboarding but when he found himself in the corporate “rat race” his stress went up, his time and motivation for exercise waned and he gained 50 Lbs.

“The coolest thing is – now not only have I created this for myself, but I’ve created a system that is helping thousands of people to do the same.” Greg Rex

Two months after the attacks on 9-11, Greg found himself laid off from his Corporate job, $100,000 in school loans and credit card debt, burnt out, too tired to exercise and too busy to surf.

During a sabbatical in the rainforest of Costa Rica, he met some of the happiest most balanced people ever and made a pivotal decision to change his definition of success from “being a millionaire by age 35”… to having a simple, balanced life, based in nature.

Greg is the eldest of 5, born and raised in San Diego. He loves snowboarding, surfing, diving, boating, and anything having to do with the water. He travels the world exploring tropical, world-class surf spots. He practices yoga and enjoys hiking and mountain biking. Greg lives in the forest of North Lake Tahoe with his sweetheart of 16 years and business partner, Whitney Kell and part time in his hometown of San Diego.

Skylab apps has developed an app for Greg Rex; Trilogy Games, an app which makes creating healthy habits fun! It gathers all the Gamification’s features from Skylab like Smart Chat or Multi-Media Channel.

Join a community of like-minded people all on a journey to create Optimal Health and Well Being. The Trilogy represents the 3 key areas of optimal health; healthy body, healthy mind and healthy finances. This app along with the support of a certified health coach can help you integrate simple daily actions that can turn into lifelong habits of health.


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