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Skylab Apps and Sirqul Launch Website and the #DoYourPart App with Support from Ama

FRISCO, Texas, April 8, 2020 /PRNewswire/ — Skylab Apps Inc. and Sirqul today launched the social community,, in response to the worldwide call for specific human actions and behaviors to stop the spread of COVID-19. The social community website and App runs on Amazon Web Services (AWS), which has also donated service credits to help power the project.

“We created as a tool that we feel our government would like families, companies and influencers everywhere to have to help stop the spread of COVID-19 and flatten the curve,” said Dean Grey, CEO of Skylab Apps. “Through and the Do-Your-Part App, each person can see the significant impact that even one singular action can have in the fight to beat this virus.”

“Cloud technology is providing organizations of all sizes with the agility to quickly respond to the COVID-19 outbreak and innovate new solutions that can help combat the spread and effects,” said Maggie Carter, Global Lead, Disaster Response, AWS. “We are pleased to support this platform focused on slowing the transmission rate through education and engagement.”

“As so many other companies are stepping up, Skylab Apps, AWS, and Sirqul also are stepping up with the launch of,” said Robert Frederick, CEO of Sirqul. “In this time of social-distancing, helps people reconnect toward the common goal of saving lives and defeating COVID-19. “ and the Do-Your-Part app allow people to “share” when they exercise a behavior supported by the guidelines. For example, people can post about the practice of washing their hands, wearing a mask, or putting on gloves. then issues a notification that this behavior took place, enabling others to “react” with positivity and praise. also allows people to “share” simple acts of kindness, such as reaching out to their loved ones, giving affection to their pets, or thanking someone for providing essential services or work at this time.

“Before COVID-19, most people were programmed that the limelight on social media was the only light worth seeking. However, we all know it is the habits you shape in the dark that matter the most, like courage, honesty and hard work. The goal of to remind people there is a hero inside all of us, by showcasing the everyday actions that are needed to save lives,” said Grey., in addition to multiple other Skylab Apps that are also working to flatten the COVID-19 curve including Empire, Cheerlife, Ultimate Life and Mind Movies, run entirely on AWS. Skylab and Sirqul are receiving additional support from AWS in the form of service credits to power this important project.

“We are donating the website and the App for no reason other than to “do-our-part” to save lives and increase awareness about all the ways we can flatten the COVID-19 curve,” said Grey and Frederick. “The work and funding behind Do-Your-Part is the way we can best serve the cause – to the extent that we would like nothing more than to turn this entire digital platform over to our government, so they have yet another way to help people during this critical moment in time.”

The mobile App for Do-Your-Part is available for download in the Apple store now at For more information, please visit the website:

About Skylab Apps Inc.

( ( provides apps and mini-social networks that enables organizations, communities, and influencers to own their own platform. With this control, they can shape and reward specific behaviors relevant to their tribe, while attracting and collaborating with sponsors, via an easy-to-use and powerful online administrative control center.

About Sirqul Inc.  ( ( provides an Engagement-as-a-Service AIoT Platform that drives engagement, operational efficiency, rapid innovation, and new revenue streams for businesses of any size. At the foundation of Sirqul’s platform are 80+ Services, 400 APIs, 3 distinct IoT hardware product offerings, and 30+ customizable native application templates that companies can use to get started on the platform. Sirqul is device, protocol and cloud agnostic – fostering an interoperable system for building future-proof solutions for retail, smart cities, new construction, mobility, logistics, campuses, entertainment, and more.

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