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Smart Chat – Finally, a chat app for professionals

Smart Chat – Finally, a chat app for professionals

Skylab provides the most gamified platform in the world, and that’s why we come with the best features.

Chat applications are surpassing email as the preferred mode of digital communication, but Smart Chat is changing the chat game altogether.

It is instantaneous, personal, and capable of sending ever-larger files and different kinds of content. Skylab’s platform provides robust chat features that allow users to expand their communication abilities.

Simply put, when the founder of Skylab Apps Dean Grey was backstage at an event he was speaking at when it hit him.

“Why can’t I press a couple buttons on my phone and send a message to a specific group of people. For example what if I just wanted to message all of my people in Australia who are female, why doesn’t that tech exist” Dean Grey – Skylab Apps CEO

In that instant, the idea of Smart Chat was born. Unlike other chat apps, Smart Chat works in ways that other chat apps don’t. It is well thought out, and

Skylab’s platform provides the most robust chat features on the market today. In fact, some of these features aren’t even available in Facebook Messenger, Whatsapp or any of the major chat applications on the market today!

This allows users to expand their communication abilities. Like other social media chat functions, community leaders and members can send text and pictures.

The most notable features in the Smart Chat Feature are:

  1. Performance Chat

  2. BCC (Blind Carbon Copy)

  3. Broadcast mode

  4. Group Chat (Explode and Snooze)

Here at Skylab Apps, we realized that companies like Qualcomm and Boeing are not going to use Facebook messenger to communicate among their departments especially when having conversations where they are talking about intellectual property or a topic they would require a national security clearance to talk about.

As we continued our quest, we realized that a need for a chat feature is applicable to any vertical or industry where the company and clients, customers or fans of that company want to forge a deeper relationship more exclusive than a Facebook page. American author, motivational speaker and Chicken Soup for the Soul author Jack Canfield has a very successful seminar and corporate training business. His company wanted a way they could have a specific conversation in real time. Our chat feature delivers results in a big way.

For the Canfield companies, there are many layers of rank among trainers and students. At some point, it becomes very cumbersome for a company to constantly need to origin this information simply to be able to get the right information to the correct people in a timely manner. We solved this problem for them by giving them a way to sort through their people via smart tags. On the Skylab Apps platform, users organize themselves when onboarding to the app, so the company does not have to. Once there, the company can easily communicate with the people they need to in real time within 3 clicks of a button!

In addition to having a chat feature, Skylab Apps took 4 steps further. This isn’t your grandpa’s application, this is SMART CHAT, and here is everything it does beyond just chatting.

Performance Chat

Imagine if you could create a group chat that auto selected and removed people in your community based on their performance in your world!

BCC Function

Skylab has also included a BCC function – it makes large-scale communications feel personal and protects the privacy of all other participants in the chat. Send the same message to a group of people without exposing who the other recipients are.

Broadcast Feature

The most groundbreaking chat feature, however, is the ability to Broadcast. Broadcasts are ideal for sending updates to a huge audience without having to worry about individual replies – recipients cannot reply. A broadcast message allows a community leader to contact a large group of people without making their personal contact information available to the masses.

Skylab Apps Power Chat

Group Chat Feature

Skylab’s platform has given this same advanced treatment to straightforward group chats as well. With the ability to add and remove participants, and to snooze and explore messages, even the most standard group messages are anything but.

The Chat feature is incorporated into each app and web platform. Skylab’s Clients like AllysianGood Loving Food and Trilogy are already available on iOS and Android with the Smart Chat usable as seen in the screenshots above.


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