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The Future of Social Media is Exclusivity

Introducing Skylab Apps, the “white label social media and engagement platform

Skylab Apps has assembled a team of experts that study the Science of Engagement. In a world where everything is going mobile, Skylab Apps is going to take The Mobile Platform to new heights setting the bar for what user engagement standards are and pushing the limits of what can be done on a mobile based platform.

First, a little history:

In early 2004 Facebook was formed, and the social media platform was becoming a household name. There were many naysayers who were convinced that Facebook didn’t stand a chance against the Social Media giant. In 5 short years, Facebook took over the social media space and became a household name. Well, it’s been 14 years, a bunch of mergers and buyouts later with multiple victories against the many who have tried to take on the social media juggernaut to no avail.

Who Will Infiltrate the Social Media Space?

Introducing the white-label social media and engagement platform. I know what you’re thinking, why would I go to another platform besides Facebook or Twitter?

Social Media Showdown

Well, it’s simple; if the people, companies and or brands that you religiously loved and followed offered a dedicated community to you that offered special and exclusive content, education, events and maybe even a direct line of communication to them would you be interested in their app?

Of course, who wouldn’t?

Exclusivity is the Key!

Exclusivity is is what Social Media lacks these days but in order to exist this day in age, you need to be online and represented on trending social media platforms to appear relevant and hip, especially if you are a business or a brand. What if you could use existing social media to push your clients, customers, followers or fans to your own private social media community? What if, you could create and control 100% of the way you engage with your community without all of the silly rules put in place by the existing companies to make sure you are not cutting into their advertising revenue at the expense of you and your user’s experience.

Well, now you can, introducing Skylab Apps white label social media platform.

CEO Dean Grey started Skylab Apps with a vision deeply integrated mobile platform based community that was simple for users to navigate, communicate and take actions.

Everything is going Mobile

The Skylab Apps platform has all of the great features you would find on social media like chat, recognition walls and different ways to communicate, but Skylab Apps has taken those concepts and innovated on them deeply transforming how companies and brands will use social media technology. Below is a comparison chart created by Skylab Apps. In it, you can begin to see how in depth the Skylab App Platform goes.

Mike Pine, the GM of Integrated Partnerships for FanDuel said it best:

“Skylab Apps Gamification allows major brands to laser target consumers, eliminating marketing clutter while building new incremental revenue streams. Most all of consumers feel they are unlocking rewards vs being advertised to.”


– Mike Pine

Just to give you an idea of what some of these features look like, here is a quick list of some longer posts about some of the incredible Skylab Apps features. 

and much much more.

 Since Skylab Apps inception in 2015, they have been taking the mobile app space by storm quietly and more efficiently. Some of their clients include Amway, Allysian Sciences (Apolo Ohno) and Good Lovin Food the original creators of Bitchin Sauce. Their list of clients is growing too! About 16 enterprise clients in 2016 alone.

Get the right people on the bus!

Along with their stealth approach to the market, Skylab apps assembled an ambassador and advisory board of rock stars. Here is the shortlist:

Mike Pine, FanDuel’s GM of Integrated Partnerships (Mentioned). Dan Adler, the previous Vice President of Talent and Business Development for Walt Disney. Bill Harris, The Founder, and CEO of Centerpointe Research InstituteDavid Vanderveen, CEO, and creator of XS Energy drink, 5-Time world dance champion Jeremy Wong and 8X Olympic Gold Medalist Apolo Ohno just to name a few.

If you are interested in finding out more about what Skylab Apps can do for you, or your company, please visit us at and schedule a demo today!


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