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The High-Speed Communication VEAC

The High-Speed Communication

VEAC and Snapshot Communication are methods used by Skylab Apps as a means to have the most effective and efficient communication between company departments and with the CEO himself. 

This day in age communication is crucial. Skylab Apps is a global technology company that employs people from all over the world. Our clients are all over the world too. This makes the importance of being able to communicate effectively and efficiently imperative to the success of the enterprise. The ability to transcend time zones and language barriers to accomplish our missions and projects in addition to team collaboration where participants join our virtual workplace from all over the world is the goal.

Introducing VEAC:

VEAC is at the heart of Skylab’s Culture.  It is the process we use to go about our workday, start a new project, and communicate with each other. We will break it down for you in this article. Read each part of the VEAC carefully.  Incorporate these terms into your daily communication with the team, and you will be on your way to becoming a high-performance team in no time.  

  1. V – VISION






  1. VISION: Communicate and understand the scope and nature of the task or project. (Use ‘Active Listening’ skills)

2. EXPECTATION: Understand the timelines that your team lead is expecting this task to be done, and any required support/resources. (What will be delivered when)

3. ADJUSTMENT: If there is anything that affects the vision, expectation, or timeline while you are completing your task you will need to notify your team leader or teammates affected by this ASAP 🙂

4. CLOSE THE LOOP: When you feel the task is complete, you must get a sign off from your team lead, and inform the other teammates involved with this accomplishment. (NOTE: Communication is not considered communicated until you have verbal or written acknowledgment or response. We operate in fast-paced situation emails, text or quip messages that are not responded to DO NOT COUNT as communication)

BONUS: Utilizing “Snapshot Communication.”

In Professional (American) Football, you watch incredible athletes perform complex plays and maneuvers.  But what happens between those plays?  Those athletes huddle up and talk quickly.  They update each other on how the play went, strategize the next play, and confirm that everyone knows what to do.  They have a huddle every 40 seconds or so – just to run a play that they’ve practiced 1000s of times!  

“Even with that consistent updating and fast planning – They still mess up!”Dean Grey, Skylab Apps CEO

Snapshot Communication is our huddle.  It is essential to keep up with the fast-paced environment we have created.  This is a structured and efficient way to quickly update others or present a situation or question.  Just like the huddle, the goal is quick to get on the same page, provide needed information, and create a plan for collaborating on the next tasks.  It’s simple:

1.  Snapshot ( quick outline with time )

  1. What you are doing now and what’s coming up next for you. (listed, with time estimates)

  2. VEAC update (only if necessary, announcing a change in the VEAC)

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