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The Most Gamified Platform in the World​

The Most Gamified Platform in the World: Skylab Apps

The Science of Engagement and Gamification. Skylab Apps quest to build the World’s most gamified platform.

Gamification is all around, and everything is going mobile.

Skylab founder Dean Grey documented over 100 interviews with experts and thought leaders from the military, gaming, and big business. Dean found out that gamification is a defining factor when it comes to engagement, especially when it comes to how users interact with a mobile application. The Skylab Apps platform is a culmination of knowledge gained from those interviews and what Dean learned during his years leading an organization of hundreds of thousands of people.

Skylab Apps understands the vision and implementation of applied Gamification psychology offering this incredible mobile engagement platform to clients across the globe and soon, the universe.

What is the impact of Gamification?

Many people get confused by the term “gamification” The “game” part of the word can be considered somewhat of a misnomer. Many associate gamification with gaming (the kind that entails either online poker or long hours in a dark room playing Call of Duty).

When the term “Gamification” is used, people usually tend to think; “Interesting, but how can something like video games create value in the real-world and furthermore, how would I monetize or even quantify implementing it?” In other words, It sounds nice in theory, but I think this is a gimmicky fad that has no substantial impact.

Well, as it turns out, Gamification has transformed into a massive global industry grossing more than $2.8 billion in 2016 alone and projected to almost double to $5.5 Billion by 2018.

“The adoption of applying game mechanics in more non-traditional industries has grown exponentially in the past 18 months”Wanda Meloni, M2 Research

Skylab Apps believes that Gamification is the future and uses the term “Meaningful Play” when describing the intuitive Human Factor Integration which enhances social, educational, and psychological interactions among users. It is not a game all in itself; it is more of an application of game components such as learning, engaging, training, badges, and recognition which is essential.

The Gartner Group projected that 50 percent of corporate innovation would be “gamified” by this year. All of this interest is occurring because the concept has been proven to motivate employees and customers.  Skylab Apps is a company that is focused on understanding trends and creating technology that already has major tracking or is disrupting an industry. 

By combining all learning modalities in to and an easy-to-use, visually stunning user experience, we are able to massively boost user engagement across all of our client’s platforms. The Gamification engine is what combines and drives the core features in the Skylab Apps Platform. We don’t stop there. Our platform is delivered to our clients across all major native mobile platforms including iOS, droid and a Web App that has a CMS (Content Management System) or what we like to call the command center. This is the client’s backend user interface where they can customize the entire platform in a Wordpress-like environment. Dean Grey – Founder and CEO of Skylab Apps.

At the enterprise level, effective gamification integrates engagement software into existing tools and processes. That’s what Skylab has come up with.


Imagine having the hottest trending social media and communication platform all in one place branded for your community.

Skylab gives you the ability to:

Communicate via the most powerful chat on the market.

The ability to follow channels via subscription for free or purchased inside the app.

The Power to track & train your users in a way that is so

habit-forming, using your app becomes a part of their daily routine.

Social learning or an LMS system where individuals can learn in their own social environments.

A  recognition wall that looks similar to Instagram feels like Facebook but allows the platform owner advanced customization.

Go viral with the ability to create voting & app sharing contests where all users can compete and be rewarded with great prizes.

Tracks all actions and behaviors across all platforms so you can filter and chat based on the Proximity, Identity, Interests & Performance of users.

“We expect to see more companies adopt technologies that integrate gamification with platforms like Salesforce as it provides incentives and employs the same techniques game designers use to keep players interested, in order to achieve the engagement needed for sales teams to exceed their quotas,”  Jonathan Gale, CEO of NewVoiceMedia.

What verticals does Gamification work in?

Skylab boasts gamification and engagement is and will continue to be a driving force in the growth of businesses and communities around the world. To put it very simply, gamification will take place in all verticals even if a particular industry is not currently using it.

One of Skylab App’s clients is Manuel Fabriquer. He is the founder and  CEO of the College Planning ABC. Manuel has an incredible business where he helps high school students make a smooth transition to college by getting all of the necessary applications, paperwork and so much more to prepare youngsters for that college experience.

Manuel knows full well that when dealing with millennials, the ability to offer a gamified platform for them to engage and take all the necessary actions for them to get to college is an exciting addition to the incredible service he provides his clients. The College Planning ABC App will be hitting app stores around the globe very soon along with the next wave of Skylab App Platform early adopters.

Here are a couple of companies where you can see the live app in action:

Cheer Life – This is an App for the Cheerleading industry combining athletes and gyms across the globe. See how the Cheer Industry is using the gamification elements to create a viral app for anyone with an affinity to cheerleading.

Good Lovin Foods – The original creators of Bitchin Sauce have rebranded in a huge way utilizing Skylab Apps incredible engagement platform to bring their “party foods” concept to a whole new level.

See all of the Skylab App Platforms on The Apple App and Google Play Store! Finally, we will leave you with this.

In this far-seeing talk, Seth Priebatsch shows how game dynamics are reshaping the world — from a classroom where students “level up” instead of being graded, to a pervasive game called “happy hour” that you may already be playing. Get ready to meet the “game layer,” a pervasive net of behavior-steering game dynamics that will reshape education and commerce.


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