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The Must Have App for Cheerleaders Everywhere!

With its official launch on the 22nd of March, CheerLife couldn’t be creating a larger impact in the cheerleading community as it is at the moment.

For those of you that don’t know much about cheerleading, it is arguably one of the most grueling and technique focused sports out there in the world. Don’t believe me, check out this video and see for yourself.

CheerLife encourages being as mentally fit as you are physical while being socially responsible.

If you clicked on the video, you know what I’m talking about. If you didn’t, go back and click on that video now to see the intensity and focus that it takes to be a cheerleader in today’s world.

If you’re asking yourself “ok, that’s cool, but what is CheerLife doing that’s so special?”

Unlike most companies with mission statements, Cheerlife can now demonstrate with empirical data the impact they are having on the lives of young people. CheerLife is currently helping over 14,000 cheerleaders globally shape and reward the behaviors that create better humans. CheerLife has broken these behaviors down into three main categories with their community.

CHEER ACTIONS- Actions to become a better cheerleader

PERSONAL DEVELOPMENT- Actions to become a better person

SOCIAL IMPACT- Actions that focus on helping others inside and outside of the cheer industry

“In society today, the lime light is often the only light kids are programmed to seek. But we all know the behaviors we value the most —like courage, dedication, and giving back— are often done in the dark or in solitude. Game changing companies like CheerLife have cracked the code on highlighting the hidden heroes in their community.”Dean Grey-Futurist

What is beyond amazing is how Cheerlife is now connecting influencers, sponsors, and brands to help recognize and reward these young athletes for being consistent.

“Social Media is driven by a powerful behavioral pattern: people tend to repeat actions that result in social recognition. The reason people continue to post on Snapchat and Instagram is for the social recognition of likes, comments, and shares, we take this concept to an entirely new level.”

    Alex McCarthy – CEO of CheerLife

With the technologies that Skylab offers, CheerLife isn’t just in the business to help cheerleaders learn how to tumble, stunt, and work on their fitness through its training modules. It’s in the business to make young men and women become an impact in their own communities. CheerLife encourages being as mentally fit as you are physical. As the saying goes, numbers don’t lie!!!

“The Skylab platform has allowed Cheerlife to meet our mission by leveraging their platform and teaching us the science of engagement.

Jeremy Wong – Co-founder and Chairman of CheerLife

It Takes A World Champion To Train and Teach World Champions!

As CheerLife continues to rise as the leading teaching and inspirational cheer app in the world, the notice to bring on Kali Seitzer came about. But Kali Seitzer isn’t your average world champion (read that again and let that sink in for a second). As the CEO of Inspire Cheer Camps, Kali is better known as “The Motivator” in the CheerLife community. Don’t let her 7 time Collegiate National Championships, 2013 World Championship, and 2014 Gold Medal with Team USA Coed, and countless other National and World Championships fool you for one second. What I mean is that Kali Seitzer isn’t satisfied quite just yet. Her burning desire to teach and motivate young men and women in the cheerleading world is just beginning. Combine this with the 8 other world championships that the Chairman, CEO and President hold and you have an executive team that can talk the talk and have walked the walk.

As CheerLife’s new Director of Content Strategy, Kali’s aim is to connect with athletes and coaches of all levels to determine their strengths, areas of improvements, and identify their solutions. With that information, she continues to modify the content on the CheerLife platform to what its audience requires and needs.

Kali Seitzer isn’t afraid of a challenge and with the rise of CheerLife, her contributions as Director of Content Strategy will only impact the lives of the CheerLife community for the better.

The Future of CheerLife

  1. 30,000 users by end of August

  2. 100,000 users by the end of 2018

  3. 100 gyms affiliated with CheerLife by June 2018

These numbers don’t just reflect the future of CheerLife. Passion and Purpose are only just words without focused actions.

CheerLife isn’t in the business to only speak words of inspiration. They’re in the business of helping millions of lives and leave a lasting impact for generations.

To get more information on how CheerLife is empowering the cheerleading industry, be sure to download their IOS or Android app today or follow them on their Instagram page @Cheerlifeapp.

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