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The Vision: Instant Impact

Instant Impact

Gotta Love the Smell of Fresh Ambition in the Morning!

“The World is changing very fast.  Big will not beat small anymore. It will be the fast beating the slow.”

Skylab Apps product and business development’s growth has been rapid and aggressive. The firm is just under two years old and we already have a Gamified Platform that is native to IOS, Android, and a fully functional desktop experience that is intuitive and elegant.

Skylab then focused its attention on verticals and niche markets to prove that we could effectively serve the needs of different industries.  We did not aim small; we landed some of the largest companies in the Coaching Space, Lifestyle Brands, Content Marketers, Mobile Medical, and Tourism. This is the pride of the Skylab CEO & Founder, Dean Grey, and also all of the Skylab Crew.  

Our client base has now grown to over a dozen with each grossing revenues between $5 million and $12 billion dollars. Skylab Apps also has a waiting list of clients with over 1.3 million dollars in contract revenue.

“Skylab Apps technology gives me the platform to engage with my community through chat, trainings, and recognition all while giving my community a place that isn’t bombarded with traditional social media noise.”-Apolo Ohno, Short Track Speed Skater and an eight time medalist in the Winter Olympics. He has played an important role in the Skylab’s Big Bang creation.
“This is a great platform to inform, motivate, incentivize, and educate customers or distributors. It is a great tool to make the activities of building a business fun.”Anthony Chaplin, VP of Strategic Services with Success Partners

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