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VARs: The Gravity Network


Gravity Network, PBC is an innovative for-benefit digital media agency supporting impact driven socialpreneurs to bring together sustainable products and services for the planet. Gravity Network utilizes advanced mobile & digital broadcasting strategies and connectivity tools to bring all of our interstellar clients into one “Gravitational Pull.” Our aim is to support businesses within our network to share their message as a force for good and unity among passionate socialpreneurs.

Gravity Network Logo


Novalena J. Nichele

Novalena Nichele is a walking billboard for the empowered woman. As the author of “The Total Female Package”, Novalena has made it her mission to inspire women to see themselves from the inside out and create a new mindset allowing them to live the life of their dreams. She has more than 10 years of experience in training, corporate development and human resources. Novalena’s professional reputation and knowledge, vivacious presence and on-stage speaking ability to connect with both women and men have made her a sought-after trainer and consultant for many companies. As such, she was recently featured in the new Napoleon Hill Foundation “Think and Grow Rich for Women” as well as a featured speaker at the 2014 California Women’s Conference. She is an active participant in the For-Benefit movement and was inspired to launch a company with the focus to support other social pioneers to advance their products and services to be a force for good.

Jeremy R. Nichele

Jeremy Nichele has over 13 years of Founder experience in high performing technology startups in the sectors of Mobile, Platform Development, Marketing, eCommerce, Gaming, Telecom, and Finance. As a Futurist, Jeremy sees the potential of a new global economy and is positioning his strategic thinking and business leadership to support the For-Benefit movement. Ultimately he believes the energy created by “making a sustainable difference” on the planet will overcome our current economic model, and turn the business into a force for good. Jeremy Co-founded Gravity Network to be the hub supporting the intersection of For-Benefit and impact drove business models and social pioneers to collide to create more beauty in the world.


Valerie Viramontes – Agency President

Valerie is a lover of life, living out her dream in Encinitas Ca. An innovative thinker who consults businesses in marketing, contract management, and automation technology. She thrives in creating strategies and launching those visions online. When she’s not scaling businesses she’s working on her passion projects in women empowerment, self-development, and non-profit fundraising. Her big heart and love for humanity have her in good company with the Gravity Network.

Sabrina Baby Angeli – Client Relations & Project Management

Dreamer, overachiever, yoga, and Ayurvedic consultant – merging business with spirituality, Sabrina brings high energy and structure to each project, ensuring clients are satisfied and processes are efficiently managed. Her passion for Ayurveda, yoga, and for-benefit organizations are a perfect fit with the purpose of Gravity Network.

Katy Ward – Strategic & Creative Designer

Katy thrives somewhere between a dance break and a shower of questions. Her curiosity, artistic bent, and strategic mind mean her world is a constant space for creativity, and for discovering new inspiration. Katy means to make a difference by helping passionate people find and share their story, while always standing for their best self.

Renee Throckmorton – Executive Assistant

Renee Throckmorton rises each morning with a sincere appreciation for living. Capable of wearing many hats throughout each day, Renee’s heart beats faster when she is creating and being of service. Leaving the world better than she found it is in her every conscious motion. Flowing freely in alignment with those who feel the same desire is absolutely a manifestation of the spirit. Gravity Network came to her and she plans on holding its hand for quite some time.


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