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There is a growing problem among entrepreneurs brands and organizations who are building communities on rented land... with no control.

The Problem—
Too much screen time
on all the wrong platforms.

Problem #1

No Ownership

Limited Options: Using a free or rented platform gives you no ownership or control. Over time this can become a financial burden and strain on your resources. You lack the ability to create the journey & experience you desire for your community. 

Average cost of developing/owning your own platform:

$200k & 4-6 Months

"Price range for building an app typically between $100k and $300k, with the entire development process taking 12-20 weeks." — Aplico Inc


When we decided to create our own platform, development companies quoted us hundreds of thousands in cost and at least a 6 month turnaround time. We thought owning our own community was unrealistic and out of reach. 


As a small business, it’s hard to compete for impressions against massive corporations. Our ad dollars just can’t compete against such a saturated market. 


Problem #2


Cut through the noise and distraction and create meaningful connections with your audience.

Organic reach of FB post has dropped from


in 2018 to 5.5% in 2022 due to over-saturation of content


businesses use Meta apps every month - nearly one business for every 55 people on the planet

Problem #3

Big Tech

The Gap Between You and Big Tech: Big Tech is profiting off you and your achievements giving you a small amount in return. By owning your own platform you are able to keep much more of your profits.


ad revenue generated for Youtube in 2021


median Facebook user value of data

YouTube keeps 


of all user-generated content ad revenue 


We woke up one day and realized that our thousands of followers provide massive value to social media companies, and we’re only getting a small piece of the pie even though we did all the work. We’re losing out on tons of ad revenue by hosting our users and content on rented land.  


Social media has become such a toxic environment, but it’s so popular that it’s hard to keep kids off of it. There has to be a way to foster community without the detrimental effects on mental health! 


Problem #4

No Gamification &
Reward System

Traditional social media offers little to nothing in value reinforcement systems. Using positive reinforcements encourages users to engage on a platform through micro-actions.


of all 13-17 year olds use social media


experienced cyberbullying or online harassment


of kids ages 12-17 report depression and 32% report anxiety

Problem #5


Suppression of Information: Big Tech can restrain your digital impact on others... minimizing your exposure to others


of Americans think big tech actively censor political views


of Americans don’t trust social media to make fair content moderation decisions


of Americans would prefer social media companies provide users with greater choice and control over the content they see in their newsfeeds

Fact checkers arbitrarily determining the truth based on ideology has eroded the public’s faith in the free flow of information and expression. We want a solution that allows us to speak directly to consumers and let them determine what is true for themselves. 


The Solution

SKYLAB has solved these problems with a fully autonomous tech ecosystem designed to free you from big tech while drastically changing the rules of traditional social media in order to make it a force for healthy and positive change.

Solution #1

Simplify & Save


No technical or coding knowledge needed

Because SKYLAB offers a rich app creation platform with over 1,000 individual settings for creating out-of-the-box full-featured social networks!

Fraction of the price to develop your own social network app

“When I first saw the Skylab Platform I thought it would cost me millions of dollars to get started, but with their app factory, genesis, and client success teams I was able to get my platform launched much more affordably.” 

Image by Philipp Katzenberger

Solution #2

Security & Reliability


Niche cloud solution


Privacy & Data protection

Because SKYLAB Is one of few independent public and private cloud providers with proprietary hardware that undercuts mainstream options.

Rapid Scaling

"Skylab feels like my technology partner,  not just a vendor. They handle all the day-to-day operations of my platform so I can focus on building my community & brand."

Image by Matt Botsford

Solution #3

Mass Distribution

Because SKYLAB allows you to become your own broadcaster with instant access to our public marketplace where you can easily monetize your content

“With the help of SKYLAB's Cross-Promotion Engine, I was able to grow my community faster than I ever imagined.”

Image by Nikolai Chernichenko

Solution #4

Your Audience, Your Money.

Because SKYLAB gives you access to advertiser spend from our audience network letting you monetize your community fairly and equitably.

“I am able to focus on my core business, without having to worry about shifting algorithms and big tech making money off my hard work.  I feel empowered & safe knowing SKYLAB brings me additional revenue streams.“ 

Dollar Notes

Solution #5

Transact Securely

SKYLAB allows you to monetize content easily with frictionless payments and lower fees for maximized profitability.

“Finding business-friendly merchant accounts that do not cancel or refuse to work with you is becoming increasingly difficult. SKYLAB provides a one-stop-shop with multiple solutions designed to work with our platforms.”

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