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Add-on Features: Contest

App Sharing & Voting Contest 

 App Sharing Contest

Reward your users for helping your app go viral!

Skylab provides the most gamified platform in the world, and that’s why we come with the best features.

App sharing contests reward users who are the best at sharing your app, driving sign-ups, and growing your community.

Sponsors affiliated with Skylab may sponsor individual contests and provide prizes, but individual communities are encouraged to involve their own sponsors as well. Here’s an example of the Travel App.

“Applications use game design elements such as point scoring and competition to keep users engaged.”Dean Grey

There are two types of Virality Contests

1. Top – Be one of the top X users to achieve the most shares, sign ups, or impact in a certain time frame.

2. Blitz – Be one of the first X users to hit a certain goal of shares, sign ups or impact (ripple effect).


Participants can track their place in the contest via the leaderboard within.


Winners will receive badges with promo codes to be redeemed for the prizes you offer.

Voting Contest

Create a friendly popularity contest within your own app – where everyone has a chance to win.

On Instagram, your users might not be able to win a contest against the Kardashians when it comes to the number of likes, but in their own community, they can top the charts!

This fun contest renews every so often – admins choose the timeframe – and the winner earns a reward! The following screenshots come from the BlowBunny app.

Contest info screen of how to win and the reward

Customize the How to Win screen to display the contest info and reward

4 Separate Views in the contest

Most Recent


Users who have the most votes for the contest are on the leaderboard.

My Photos

All the user’s photos for the contest and the previous ones.

Past Winners

Users can see all the winners from the previous contests.

Submit Photos

Users can submit their photos and receive likes to win the contest!


Winners will receive badges with promo codes to be redeemed for the prizes you offer.


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