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Add-on Features : Gamified Badges

Gamified Badges are one of our most powerful add-on features.

They give your users a sense of accomplishment, reward, recognition, and status within your community.

Skylab provides the most gamified platform in the world and that’s why we come with the best features.

At Skylab apps, an important part of gamification is rewarding users for their accomplishments with badges. People like to be acknowledged for their success and this will actually wield higher productivity and quality. This is especially important in a community setting, as this display of user’s accomplishments defines and identifies users various skills. Each of these mechanics plays a large part in the success of gamification.

“Skylab’s gamification allows major brands to laser target consumers, eliminate marketing clutter while building new incremental revenue streams. Most of consumers feel they are unlocking rewards vs being advertised to.”Michael Pine, GM Integrated Partnerships at FanDuel

There are three types of badges:




Achievement badges – These give your users kudos for anything from completing basic tasks to above-and-beyond performance. The more time your users spend in the app, the more difficult and prestigious these badges are to earn.

Prize Badges – These are badges the user earns for either specific actions, winning contests, or completing challenges. These badges have a tangible, real-life prize or coupon attached.

Training Badges – This type of badge helps upline coaches & admin users assess the compliance of their downline. This allows users to display which courses they have completed, and which courses they are currently working on.

Example Life Cycle of a Prize Badge on XS Energy Drink App


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