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Private Social Media for Restricted Communities

What are the social media alternative options for “restricted” communities?

When we were in high school, many of us understood firsthand what it was like to be socially unacceptable.

We couldn’t hang with the popular kids, or the jocks, or even the “nerds.”

For whatever reason, many of us were ostracized. Something about us was deemed unacceptable to others.

Some communities these days are like those high-school outsiders, except in a digital and online environment. Whether you are in the cryptocurrency, cannabis or e-cigarette spaces, you understand that your promotional efforts in traditional social media are generally heavily regulated, restricted or seen as socially unacceptable. As a result, there has been a growing need for the creation of custom social platforms that can be privatized.

This can be especially true with such spaces as medical cannabis, alternative lifestyles, multi-level marketing programs that make lifestyle claims, alternative currencies or even cutting-edge medical treatments. When you are at the mercy of the social community, it can be easy to be ostracized, and thus have difficulty promoting your brand only because of that which you are associated.

And we all know, it’s tough to sell yourself when you’re relying on others to let you do it. It’s always best to take control yourself since no one else is going to understand you like you.

“Social media, being a public forum, creates an opportunity for your customers or competitors” to make claims or cover topics that can put a target on your back for either a lawsuit or to get restricted for a site.”

Dean Grey, CEO of Skylab and an expert on the science of engagement.

“Cutting-edge brands, especially those in emerging spaces, need a safe, private place for their communities to share and connect without opening themselves to the ‘haters’ or liability that exists on public forums likes mainstream social media.”

Traditional social media won’t always work for every brand. In these cases, when you are in an industry that is either heavily regulated or restricted from a promotion and marketing standpoint, you need a platform that cuts through all the restrictions and traditional social constructs. Make your own tribe and have full control of engagement with a platform like Skylab.

After all, control matters and self-control restricts the restrictions. You don’t have to be beholden to others perception of your brand. You can call the shots with companies like Skylab who have built a customizable white-labeled social media engagement platform. Don’t worry, technology has solved this problem for many companies in these different niches. You just need to search a little harder for a perfect solution!


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