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Skylab Hierarchy : Nomenclature

Skylab Hierarchy

Skylab owes this hierarchy to its CEO & Founder, Dean Grey.

-Market Place



-Branded Experiences

Gamify Your World

Your Gamified experience is designed by PIIIP (Proximity, Identity, Interest, Intent, and Performance). PIIIP defines how you’re categorized within the Skylab World and the role you plan on playing. 

Universe – Skylab

 Within our Universe, Skylab helps Brands and Influencers quickly launch their own Social Networks complete with an IOS, Android & Desktop Interface

Skylab connects people and places while gamifying their experience on your planet!

Solar System –  Resellers

A Solar System is the term we use to describe our Resellers. These are Skylab certified companies who have been trained on our platform. They can help you launch your own planet as well as grow and reward your community.

We call them VARs for Value Added Resellers.

Planets – Clients

Skylab does not just help you launch an App, we help you launch an entire World! 

We provide you an instant Social Network – a planet you are now in control of.  Because of this, planets are the equivalent of having your own app in the Apple Store and the Google Play Store

  1. Engage: Your world can be gamified with actions and contests designed to inspire and grow your community with Social Recognition.

  2. Train: Users can unlock programs & content through our (on demand) Gamified Training System.

  3. Follow: Your Community can even subscribe to follow you or any of your topics by using our Monetized Channel feature.

  4. Communicate: Planet owners can now communicate directly with their community through push notifications globally without the spam filters of email, or get lost in the fast paced world of Social Media.

You can read why they have chosen Skylab on 

Branded Experiences

Give your planet the ability to have different experiences!

Imagine… The ability to give people different experiences on your planet by providing completely different skins, create content or actions based on how they tag themselves when they downloaded your App.

What if… You could even change their experiences on your planet as they move through your courses or complete a set of actions.

To learn more … Discover the Gamification tactics for human behavior modification in the graphic below.

Check out Dean Grey’s website and Skylab Apps to learn more about Gamification and its hierarchy.


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