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The benefits of owning your own platform

Here are the top 5 benefits of owning your own platform!

You have a brilliant idea.

It’s all your idea. When you are nurturing it, doing the market research, the feasibility, and you are the best person to describe the idea to investors and others who could help turn your idea into a financially successful reality, then you know you’re onto something great.

You love the freedom to set your own destiny with your idea. But when the idea is discussed as a native app or mobile app, you suddenly stop and consider the platforms with which you are left to work.

That freedom to nurture gets stalled by other people who work within the parameters of their platforms. Thus, you lose some creative control and your idea may soon not be what you envisioned as the “next big thing.”

A good idea should never be constrained or molded to fit another’s platform. If you had your druthers, you would want to stay in control of your idea, market it to the right audience and develop a level of engagement that is the envy of all in your industry.

Here are some things to consider if you were to look into your own platform.

Control Your Druthers 

Druthers are a preference. You have your druthers to speak to your audience in the way you want, not in a way that is controlled by someone else. When you get to this point in the development process, this is not the time to relinquish control. This is where the rubber meets the road and you should speak to your audience with the authenticity of an innovator.

This idea is your baby, and you are the best one to give the message that will sell this idea to that target market. You deserve the freedom to be creative and find your voice that will resonate. Current platforms are rigid and force you to conform to their specifications, which may diminish impact with your audience.

This is about you knowing your challenges best. This is not about your message fitting the messenger; this is finding the right messenger to allow your message to get through. When you control your druthers, you make the right call for your idea.

Own and Engage Your Followers on your own platform 

With your own platform, you can take control of your druthers with your audience. Outreach is a huge key to developing engagement in the wide universe of social media and websites. Developing sharable content that generates likes, comments and eventual followers will be the catalyst to your idea becoming a brand.

When you control the platform, you can be seamless with your messaging no matter what mobile device your followers use. You can send the same message to everyone in your target without the strictures of each individual platform. In this way, you have no filters in what you can or can’t do, say or sell as a brand.

“Platforms are the new disruptors and when you want to train track and reward your community owning that engagement is a key element to understanding what your users really want.”

Dean Grey, CEO of Skylab.

This gives you the freedom to engage with all your followers with much less effort – and even have those followers interact with each other as well. Your idea then propagates a community – or a tribe, if you will.

Finding the Right Messenger

Part of the challenge is knowing what you need, then finding a platform that will fit your current business model and allow easy pivoting when your model evolves as it grows. You can look for industry leaders in other places and find out how they utilize their platforms and find something that works for you.

With the right connections, you have the ability to create partnerships with major brands to maximize influence and widen that portal into the hearts and minds of your audience, which shares your values. Having a platform, like Skylab, from which to control and manage your brand, can give you leverage that your competitors can’t match.

Triggering Your Tribe

Skylab is a company that was founded and built out of the need for exclusivity and deep sustainable engagement with the end user. If you want to inspire your tribe to be an active and engaging community while selling your brand, then this is an incredible option for you. Skylab’s platform (along with others in the space) allows you to build a gamification-rich ecosystem with a wide variety of features available that provide the versatility and scalability you need for your tribe and brand to grow.

Take it from eight-time U.S. Olympic medalist Anton Ohno:

“Skylab technology gives me the platform to engage with my community through chat, trainings, and recognition all while giving my community a place that isn’t bombarded with traditional social media noise.”

Censored social media

No More Censorship 

As social platforms like Facebook try to reach farther in the global space obtaining users from all over the world, they run into all kinds of new problems in the process of trying to make everyone happy.

“Facebook is a monopoly with too much power,” argues author and activist Robert McChesney. “When you get companies this big they are not just a threat to democracy, but they are also a threat to capitalism. They suck investment capital and profits away from smaller businesses and screw over the competitive sector.”

Brands and communities are being forced into positions where their message is being required to meet unprecedented censorship guidelines. When you own your own platform, you have the freedom and control to engage with users on your terms. Content, speech, or even actions taken by users are no longer required to adhere to 3rd party platform’s terms and conditions. After all, it’s your community and you should be able to engage with them however you see fit. When you own your own platform, you get your freedom back!

Get rid of the “noise” and purify your tribe’s engagement with your brand. Find out how here, and be sure to follow us on social media for the latest: Facebook | Twitter | Instagram | LinkedIn.


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