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The Best Engagement Company in the World

The Best Engagement Company in the World

Skylab is defining what the Science of Engagement is and why they are best engagement company in the world.

Engagement is defined as the action of engaging or being engaged. The science of engagement is a new term being used in the tech sector. At Interact 2016, IAB Europe announced the winners of its 2016 Research Awards. BBC won the Consumer Attitudes and Behavior category and was highly commended in the Brand Advertising Effectiveness one for their research project entitled The Science of Engagement, which looks at answering two pivotal questions for boosting content-led marketing effectiveness:

  1. How do consumers engage with content-led marketing?

  2. What does this engagement mean for the brands involved?

The beautiful thing that Skylab does with its proprietary mobile platform is tuned out the noise and take a straightforward approach to highly sophisticated ideology. But beyond the buzz words and the tech jargon that gets thrown

around in the industry today, what does an engagement platform actually do? How can a platform help business, large corporation or individual?

To understand this, you must first understand the CEO behind the platform. His name is Dean Grey, remember that name because you will come to know it very well in the coming years.

Skylab Apps CEO and founder Dean Grey broke into the tech space in the Gamified Social Learning niche with his first couple of tech companies. By the time Dean founded Skylab, he had a whole new understanding of what an Engagement company was and what it would become. Skylab has built a gamified social learning and engagement platform that pulls the best of the best from the Communication, Social Media, Gamification and App Development sectors. The final product is a scalable platform available to anyone seeking to deliver the most incredible engagement platform to their customers, clients, employees and the list goes on. The platform operates across all native environments with a backend web app CMS (Content Management System) they call “The Command Center.”

The Science of Engagement is literally being defined as Skylab adds each client to their platform. As the company enters into each new vertical and begins to understand that clients “world” and business they are in, the platform becomes smarter.

There is a reason for every single icon, image, font style word within the platform. They are all there by design, and they seek to understand two very crucial concepts that companies with pay hundreds of millions of dollars to understand.

  1. How do consumers engage with content-led marketing?

  2. What does this engagement mean for the brands involved?

What Skylab learned is that any company, brand or individual seeking to engage and understand their audience completely will need to be able to:

  1. Talk to to each other (B2B or B2C or even C2C)

  2. Show them specific curated contents based on the audience’s values/tags

  3. Track those habits and actions

  4. Train or teach something using all learning modalities

  5. Allow both the brand and community to recognize actions being taken by community members

  6. Empower the community by giving them the power to vote and participate in contests.

  7. Filter all of that data using smart tags so users and most importantly the company or brand can turn that data into usable analytics to deeply understand their audience, and why they do what they do.

This is the Science of engagement being played out in real time for the world to see!

In an article published on his website, Silicon Valley analyst Andrew Chen attests that the average app loses 77 percent of its users in the three days after they install it. After a month, 90 percent of users eventually stop using the app, and by the 90-day mark, only 5 percent of users continue using a given app. These crushing figures mean that app creators have to make sure that their users stay connected (but not annoyed by) their apps from minute one to three months down the line.

“Skylab understands well how people interact and engage with each other in the digital age. The solution is very flexible to drive all types of engagement in your communities.” -Sharon Chen, Regional Manager, Digital Solutions at Amway

At Skylab Apps, the focus is on the ability to obtain and retain MAU (Monthly Active Users) and DAU (Daily Active Users) across all platforms for all clients. It is those KPIs that gave companies like WhatsApp and Twitter multi-billion dollar valuations. 200,000 MAUs can give your company a valuation estimated around $30 to $40 million, but 200,000 DAU’s can pull down a BILLION dollar valuation on your company.

Here are some real examples from Skylab Apps:

One of Skylab’s Clients is Allysian Health Sciences co-founded by 8-Time Olympic Medalist Apolo Ohno, Allysian is a health and wellness company that makes nutraceutical supplements. They saw a huge opportunity to use the Skylab Platform to engage their customers and brand ambassadors.

Shown here are screen shots from the Allysian App which can be found in the Apple App Store or Google Play Store. You can see that Roslyn has a current streak of 404 days in a row on the app while Lou has broken her 202-day streak but is currently on a 36-day streak. Those data are giving a tremendous valuation to the brand and have user retention and stickiness that is right up there with Instagram or Snapchat.

And this is just the beginning…

“Skylab Apps technology gives me the platform to engage with my community through chat, trainings, and recognition all while giving my community a place that isn’t bombarded with traditional social media noise.” Apolo Ohno – 8 Time Olympic Medalist and Co-Founder of Allysian Sciences.

The Skylab Apps platform allows its clients to create and manage massive communities from all over the world. Luckily, the Skylab team has access to Dean Grey’s patented dynamic directory and content communication process, which allows them to specify and adapt their user organization based on whatever parameters they choose. These types of patents and software are becoming increasingly important as businesses are stretching their influence around the world. As communities continue to grow and adapt to our technological sphere, companies and individuals alike have to come up with innovating ways of organizing individuals.

To find out more about Skylab, please visit or follow the company on social media. | Facebook | Twitter | Instagram | LinkedIn.


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