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World’s Top Engagement Specialist

Meet Dean Grey, Founder, and CEO of Skylab Apps and the World’s Top Engagement Specialist.

It’s no secret that the marketing world gets more and more complicated every day. Brands bombard people with information, entertainment, messages and offer through an ever increasing landscape of media, mobile devices and screens. Bidding for even a microsecond of your attention to look their way, click on a link, watch a video, or buy something, a new area of study is emerging to assist brands in cutting through the clutter and connecting with the attention-challenged consumer – The Science of Engagement. In this vast new world of the Science of Engagement, one man stands out. Meet Dean Grey, the founder, and CEO of Skylab Apps, and recognized as one of the world’s top engagement specialists and futurist.

What if we could create an engagement platform where the business could own 100% of that engagement with the end user instead of having to give a part of it up to Facebook, YouTube and the like.”

The making of an engagement specialist.

Dean Grey has made a career out of helping businesses and individuals engage with each other. From his early day’s building teams for international companies to professional coaching and now the tech industry, Mr. Grey’s life mission has been teaching influencers and brands how to build audiences, communities and most importantly “tribes” as he calls them.  During that time he conducted over 300 interviews with leaders that had their communities spanning all sectors – titans of industry, military brass, mega pastors, gamification (video game) experts and a whole lot of folks from the entertainment industry. His key takeaway from the interviews is that all leaders are challenged to engage with their communities and stay engaged. What they all lacked was an efficient platform that allowed them to communicate, train, educate, track, recognize and reward their members. While the boom in social media offered some solutions through segregated channels, no single platform satisfied their diverse needs for sustained engagement. So, in the spirit of the many leaders and entrepreneurs that he interviewed, Dean set out down the path to solving their standard issue. But as any veteran entrepreneur knows, a personal problem that needs fixing doesn’t always translate into to a successful business. In Dean’s case it did, and in a big way too.

The Social Engagement Platform of the future.

Skylab Apps is the culmination of Dean Grey’s personal exploration in the Science of Engagement, and the most advanced social engagement platform on the planet. Skylab is a robust, all-in-one, 21st century CRM platform that empowers leading brands and influencers to engage more deeply and consistently with their communities and affinity groups through multi-option chat, training/education (channels), tracking (tags), recognition (wall/leaderboard) and rewards (prizes/promo codes). All of this is driven by the built-in gamification engine within the platform. Skylab is the ideal platform for those that want to take back ownership, control, and monetization of their social media and the data generated by their enthused community.

“Platform competition requires treating users and suppliers not as separate threats to be subjugated, but as value-creating partners to be wooed, celebrated, and encouraged to play multiple roles.” ― Geoffrey G. ParkerPlatform Revolution: How Networked Markets Are Transforming the Economy–and How to Make Them Work for You

Where is the Engagement battle taking place?

Today the front lines of the fight for your attention are being waged “in your pocket or purse” – on your mobile phone through native mobile apps. According to Jim Edwards from Business Insider, 80% of mobile web-browsing is being done via a native mobile app. Dean anticipated this mobile trend years ago, then coupled it with the element of gamification, and knew he had a winning combination.

What’s the arsenal being used?

Skylab has some of the most state-of-the-art weaponry in the battle for attention, including its built-in gamification engine, the Command Center which allows admin to make changes in real time across iOS, Android and the web, and the multifaceted tags system which allows for tracking and serving content based on demographic, psychographic and behavioral data. For a complete breakdown of each of these features, click here.

One of the most innovative parts of the Skylab platform is the gamification engine. Gamification refers to the application of typical elements of game playing (e.g., point scoring, competition, achievement, and recognition) to other areas of activity. Skylab’s platform uses leaderboards, crowd-sourced recognition (e.g. virtual high fives), contests, badges and rewards to drive further engagement with and within the community. Not only does it appeal to our innate need to feel appreciated, but it also supports our urge to look at our phones consistently and has that “stickiness” factor that marketers drool over.

While consumers are the logical target, the business to business and internal plays are equally worthy. Skylab’s platform allows for all three levels in the business chain, and in a single iOS, Android and web app.

“Skylab Apps technology gives me the platform to engage with my community through chat, trainings, and recognition all while giving my community a place that isn’t bombarded with traditional social media noise.”Apolo Ohno – Eight time Olympic Champion and Co-Founder of Allysian Sciences 

Born out of necessity and his desire to engage more deeply with his tribe, affirmed by leaders around the world, and developed to address the shortcomings of other social media, the Skylab platform is Dean Grey’s contribution to the future. Through the process, he has been the student, the teacher and now the inventor of the top engagement platform the world has ever seen.  This makes him an Authority in The Science of Engagement and one of the World’s top engagement specialists


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