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Ambassadors: Dan Adler

Meet Mr. Hollywood Media Eagle himself…

Dan Adler

Entertainment Industry Veteran of the New Media


While at The Walt Disney Company he was the Vice President of Talent and Business Development of Disney Interactive, later becoming the Vice President of Disney Imagineering. As an executive at CAA (Creative Artists Agency), one of the world’s most prominent talent agencies, Dan built and led a 20-person task force focusing on New Media initiatives, incubating new businesses and structuring deals to bring together some of Hollywood’s biggest stars and top talent with Fortune 500 companies.

He is the Founder and principal of media consultancy Media Eagles.

Adler continues to help a broad range of individuals and companies realize their business and artistic vision. He serves as a producer or executive producer on some film and television projects currently in development; he also was Executive Producer of NOEL, which marked Chazz Palminteri’s directorial debut and starred Penelope Cruz, Susan Sarandon, Alan Arkin, Paul Walker, and Robin Williams.

Also that year, Adler co-founded E-hydrate, a full line of natural hydration, energy, and recovery products designed for health- and fitness-conscious consumers.

He became a regular visitor to and speaker at the MIT Media Lab beginning in 1991 and was an essential part of the early days of the TED conference; he has remained active at both institutions and in fact was one of the curators of TED’s 30th anniversary conference, which was its inaugural one in its new Vancouver home.

Adler has been profiled or quoted in The New York Times, Los Angeles Times, The Wall Street Journal, The International Herald Tribune, Newsweek, Fortune, Variety, The Korea Times, The Telegraph [UK], The Jerusalem Post and other publications, as well as in several books. He has been featured in live broadcasts on CNN and NPR and has been a featured speaker at leading technology conferences in the U.S. and overseas. He is involved in a wide range of charitable and political causes, with a particular focus on youth activism, education, and the Middle East.


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