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App Features: Smart Tags

Smart Tags

Skylab provides the most gamified platform in the world and that’s why we come with the best features.

Tracks all actions and behaviors cross-platform so you can filter and chat based on the Proximity, Identity, Interests & Performance of users


Every Skylab user must volunteer personal information in order to create an account. Users begin by tagging their gender, their generational age range, and their regional location. The information the users provide is permission-based data, which is invaluable to brands & community leaders alike. When users complete actions, like training lessons or tasks, community leaders can use these tags to track the activity of different demographics.


“Brands and  Influencers  can also create tags that are dynamic and adjust in real time based on the behavior of their community!” – Dean Grey

Leaders can use tags to send messages of praise to members who complete actions, send requests to complete actions to users who haven’t, reward top performers, and encourage bottom performers.


Now you can control who see’s what and when…

The content creator can target specific audiences by using tags to limit the availability of content to certain groups.

Posting content that is relevant to one demographic, but irrelevant or discouraging to another, can drive away those disaffected members.

Instead of pleasing one demographic or attempting to please all demographics with one-size-fits-all content, leaders can post content for a group of users under one tag, and different content for users under another tag. No more choosing.


Tags and chat also allow users to quickly place their friends into groups and streamline communication.

Tags give community leaders and community members an unprecedented amount of control over how they communicate, and with whom. Leaders are able to better understand who their community members are and deliver personalized content that makes individual experiences better. Similarly, users are able to share personalized content with different audiences without having to handpick people from their friend’s lists.

In both cases, tags allow community leaders and members to enjoy a more streamlined and customized experience than they would on traditional social media or a public chat app.

Skylab’s Client, Better Planet Paper, has the Smart Tag feature integrated. Users can filter their searches by Location, Identity, and Performance.

For example, through Smart Tags, users can easily search for the Top 25% of Female’s New Members in the Generation Z who speak English. Then, they can communicate with them through the Targeted Chat


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