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SKYLAB wins Most Promising Gamification Solutions Provider of the Year!

Over the last decade, social media has become a prime medium for people to socialize, also making it the most powerful avenue for marketing and promoting businesses.

This shift from traditional television advertisements to social media has been mostly prompted by the benefits that social media offers, including the ease of access to large audiences. But, despite the advantages, businesses—especially smaller brands, influencers, and entrepreneurs—are finding it hard to engage their specific targets amid the ‘social media noise.’

Not to mention, big tech social media platforms (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc.) extend excessive control over the content that brands and influencers want to promote. Even the slightest failure to abide by the content rules of these social media platforms can result in having the brands’ or influencers’ accounts being blacklisted. This is making many brands and influencers wonder if there is an alternative that offers the advantages of social media marketing while giving users greater control over their own content and audience interactions.

Well, this is exactly what Skylab—a platform development and gamification company—brings to the table! The company provides ‘technology with a heart,’ empowering clients to instantly enhance the value of their organizations. It enables brands, influencers, and entrepreneurs to break free from the shortcomings of big tech social mediabased marketing and build highly engaged follower communities through their own independent platforms.

This is made possible through its whitelabel social engagement platform, which can be customized and altered according to the requirements of individual brands and influencers and published as their own private social media hubs. “Simply put, as the customized applications created by Skylab are hosted on private clouds, it enables our clients to not having to depend on public clouds like AWS or Azure, therefore lesser dependence on big tech control and greater autonomy,” mentions Dean Grey, founder and CEO of Skylab.

Even beyond that, the apps or websites created using Skylab’s platform are equipped with ad management and credit card processing capabilities, making it all the more easier for the brands to monetize their premium content or run ads on their individual platforms.


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