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The CheerLife App

The CheerLife App is a fully mobile solution that connects the entire world of Cheerleading.

Meet the Alex McCarthy

Alex McCarthy: B.S Construction Engineering from San Diego State. Originally from San Jose, California, Alex coached at California All stars for 9 years while simultaneously managing a large commercial construction project as a project manager. His passion to bring people together and promote creativity & inspiration has led him to develop projects that can leave a lasting impact on athletes across the world.

Skylab has revolutionized the rapidly growing cheerleading industry by providing cheerleaders, coaches, and gym owners the best opportunity to train, learn, and develop their skill-set as they strive to become world class athletes. By utilising the Skylab platform, we are now able to use Gamification to connect a global industry, and the result is extraordinary.” Alex McCarthy about Skylab

That’s a fact, according to a cheerleading’s market study:

For the last 4 years, in the U.S. alone, an average of 410 people join cheer every day. 75% of cheerleaders consider it necessary to keep up with the latest trends because cheerleading has a role in many team sports, in addition to cheer-specific competitions, participation requires year-round dedication.

Athletes gain global access to the best coaches and training systems in the world while being able to monitor and track their progress.

Gym owners, coaches, and instructors have a simple “Uber” style solution to book, track and get paid for their private lessons, tumbling classes and more.

“Cheerleaders have a large influence on the spending habits of their families, especially in terms of clothing, health and beauty products, food, and travel.” Eden Marie James, cheer mom for 8+ years

Get the CheerLife App now to tap into the world of cheerleading and win lucrative prizes from some of the top sponsors in the world!

Download the CheerLife in the Apple Store or Play Store NOW!!


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