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The Mobile Platform VS. The Mobile App

The “Mobile Platform.”


The “Mobile App.”

Imagine a platform that allows an owner to make changes to their native mobile app in real time across iOS, Android and Web without needing to resubmit to the Apple App or Google Play store.

This is what Skylab Apps has created.

When CEO Dean Grey set out to build a white labeled social media app where the app owner had 100% autonomy and control he ran into a big problem. How could we deliver a custom platform if the app owner can not make changes to the finished product at the speed of their business or their community’s growth?

To solve the problem, Skylab Apps built a “command center” and attached it to the scalable white labeled social media engagement platform. In essence, it is the equivalent of leasing a new Ferrari and being able to reconfigure the color and options of the car in “real time” as many times as you want to. This is the flexibility and freedom that Skylab Apps insists on giving to their clients!

Sounds impossible right? Well, it’s not. Skylab has built it. In fact the Skylab Apps “command center” is so robust it gives the app owner the ability to customize the color, content, positioning and user tags… and that is only the beginning.

The idea is quite revolutionary. Skylab Apps has really built a platform, not an app. Uber is an app, you download it, use it, and when the company updates it, you may see some changes. The Skylab Apps Platform is not Web based or HTML 5. The platform is built to work simultaneously across three platforms:

  1. Web App (w/Command Center CMS Controls)

  2. iOS

  3. Android

Think WordPress but for the Native Mobile App. To grasp just how big this idea is, you need to understand a little bit about the app development world itself.

15 years ago, it was somewhat difficult to build a website. There was no Squarespace or Shopify. These were ideas back then. Until WordPress came along. the chances of being able to develop a website without coding knowledge or a computer science degree was about as likely as winning the lottery. At best, the chances of pulling it off on your own were slim to none. WordPress forged the path that changed all of this.

WordPress was open source and allowed a community of developers to create software plug-ins making it easy for the user to ultimately build a website quickly with no coding experience needed. Later on, some for-profit companies like Squarespace and Shopify made the user experience even more seamless limiting some functionality and customizability but streamlining the start to finish process giving just about anyone the ability to come up with an idea and turn it into a fully functional website in a day.

Skylab Apps set out to simplify the process for the end user delivering on the promise of a seamless mobile platform across all major interfaces that tackled and solved all of the major problems that exist in the mobile app development space today.

“Skylab has revolutionized the rapidly growing cheerleading industry by providing cheerleaders, coaches, and gym owners the best opportunity to train, learn, and develop their skill-set as they strive to become world class athletes. By utilizing the Skylab platform, we are now able to use gamification to connect a global industry, and the result is extraordinary.”Alex McCarthy | 5-Time world Champion / CEO & Founder of The Spirit Apps

Big companies are catching on too! Skylab Apps has a growing list of some major clients including Amway, Allysian Health Sciences, and Jack Canfield Companies. In addition to the mounting success of Skylab Apps, they are attracting some huge talent from companies like Walt Disney, UFC, Fan Duel and HITACHI. Take a look at the Executive team and check out the endorsements they have gotten so far, it is nothing short of amazing!

“Skylab Apps technology gives me the platform to engage with my community through chat, trainings, and recognition all while giving my community a place that isn’t bombarded with traditional social media noise.”Apolo Ohno | Short Track Speed Skater and an eight time medalist in the Winter Olympics / Co-Founder of Allysian Sciences

Skylab Apps understand trends at cellular level.

Here is some Quick History For you:

  1. The internet became mainstream in 1999​​

  2. WordPress was started in 2003

  3. Today 27% of the internet is powered by Wordpress sites. 

  4. Mobile Apps are a $77 Billion Market currently and expected to grow to $101 Billion by 2020

The only tech out there even close to what the Skylab Apps platform does is already antiquated or at best years behind what has been created by Skylab. We’re the most gamified platform in the world. Also, we got the worlds top engagement specialists.

“We do not guess, we spot the trends and strategize.” ​Dean Grey  | Skylab Apps CEO

For more information or to request a demo to see the platform, please visit


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