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The Solution to Sustained User Engagement

It is one thing to have devoted fans that follow you across multiple platforms. It is another to have tribal leaders who direct a community. This is a very important distinction if your goal is to create sustained engagement.

This could be seen as the Holy Grail of Engagement.

Getting fans to notice you is the first hurdle to establishing your brand, but getting people to take actions that helps you with your mission is the goal. The dream is to mature fans into a tribe (which will take actions) and taking it a step further by turning those tribe members into co-creators.

The end result is your fans have now become an army of super enthusiasts and champions of your brand who are helping your company meet its mission. The key indicator to demonstrate this is called “sustained engagement.”

The Cold Shower Effect

We all have been to a live event or experienced a radio or television show where we were inspired to take an action. The problem is, after about a week, that motivation wears off as if we just took a cold shower. It is reported that about 80 percent of app users churn within 90 days. In relation, the mobile world has shifted from an acquisition strategy to a retention strategy.

In other words, it’s much more than just getting new users, but rather, it’s about keeping the ones you have and maintaining their loyalty. This can often mean that those in the tribe will get more benefits and specials to remain in the tribe, than those who might be looking to join the tribe.

For a good sense of retention, check out “Mobile Apps: What’s A Good Retention Rate?” from Localytics.

Cracking the Code 

For influencers, brands, and any other community manager, it’s all about not only getting engaged but remaining engaged. It is about those who are loyal to the tribe and the brand who move your brand forward. In other words, it’s the repeat customers with referrals who are the real brand champions. But even they eventually wear down and won’t participate as often without active appreciation from you and your brand.

There are only a handful of companies that have deployed gamification tactics in a native mobile app. Some of those companies like Mindspace and GameEffective have some solid innovation in that space. Though, none of these companies are doing what Skylab USA has created in that same space.

Skylab has developed a Personal Values Self Reinforcing System that allows you to crack the code on sustained engagement and turn fans into Co-creators and super enthusiast.

The results are astonishing with users from 7 to 70 years old engaging with their online community for not just 60 or 90 days straight, but for 100 to even 500 consecutive days. For example, take a look at Hailey Canfield from Honolulu, Hawaii.

And no, these are not MAUs (monthly active users), these are DAUs (daily active users). Every single day for 100, 200, 500 straight days! Think about your favorite apps, do you engage with them every single day?

“CheerLife has revolutionized the rapidly growing cheerleading industry by providing cheerleaders, coaches, and gym owners the best opportunity to train, learn, and develop their skillset[s] as they strive to become world-class athletes.” Alex McCarthy, CEO and founder of The Cheer Life

CheerLife, in particular, is a company that utilized the Skylab platform to its full potential proving that the psychology behind the platform is achieving incredible results.

“Sustained behavior is achieved when the Science of Engagement is elegantly applied through a platform that can be customized to fit the needs of the community,” Dean Grey, futurist and founder of Skylab.

Being sustainable has had one meaning the last few years, but it can also apply to the engagement of your brand with your community and brand champions. This has lead to companies looking to inspire, recognize and reward sustained engagement. 


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